UTokyo bicycle racing team

Fukushima training camp, day 2

Today's menu was uphill motor pacing and uphill sprint intervals, with lots of wind and speed training in between. Members were myself, Takagi-san, Arita-san, Nishizono-san, and Nakamura-san. Heading out to the motor pacing course we were heading right into the wind, but we had a good rotation so it wasn't too bad. The motor pacing course was about 3.4 km with most of the climbing in the last two-thirds. Nishizono-san and I rode together. The first time up I felt okay, and made it almost to the top before dropping off, but the second time I couldn't hold the pace and dropped off with about 250 meters to go.

After everyone finished doing two paced climbs, we headed back towards town and then out again to the interval course. One lap on the course was about 1.5 km, with sprint intervals on the 700 m climb. I felt okay the first time, but after that I got slower and slower, and afterwards the ride back was particularly slow and painful.

Both yesterday and today I felt awful. While I could still ride, I'm disappointed that I couldn't enjoy riding here at the training camp more due to my poor condition. I think I need to get more rest, so maybe I'll take a couple extra rest days next week and then, depending on my condition, raise the training pace again the week before Shuzenji. I just want to start feeling better, because right now I feel terrible.

4:12, 119 km