UTokyo bicycle racing team

Today was wind resistance training and high-speed traffic training with Nishizono-san and Nakamura-san. After meeting up at Koremasa we took off heading south to the beach. We took part of the route from last weekend's ride, and ended up riding along the Sagamigawa. The wind was mostly at our sides, but partly behind too, so we could fly right along. Towards the end Nishizono-san started to ramp up the pace and pretty soon we were racing along at over 50 kmh. I managed to hang on and take my pulls, so I was happy with that. After that we reached Atsugi and made our way towards the ocean. The beach was beautiful but unfortunately we couldn't stay. First east to Enoshima, then north through endless city into a headwind. To get back to Atsugi we took the high-speed highway, which was pretty exciting and more than a little dangerous. Finally, we were back on the Sagamigawa and went back the way we had come a few hours earlier, again fighting a headwind the whole way.

Today's wind would have been awful by myself. Thanks guys for the nice rotation and giving me a chance to rest. When I got home I could hardly move, so it must have been a good ride.

5:19, 160 km