UTokyo bicycle racing team

Fukushima training camp, day 3

Race training on an 8-km course with same members as yesterday. After two warm-up laps we did one lap at race pace. On one of the climbs I put in a little acceleration and found myself alone and ahead of the group, so I put my head down and rode solo for a couple kilometers before getting caught again. Just before the turn into the final short climb I got stuck towards the back, so when Nishizono-san attacked I had a big gap to close. I made it across, but my legs were tired from the effort and I couldn't follow his next acceleration. After two more laps at a moderate pace, we did one more lap at race speed. This time I wanted to attack earlier and see how far I could go solo. I haven't been doing much training like this so I thought it was a good opportunity. I think I was able to hold a good pace, but I got caught with less than 2 kilometers to go. I decided I didn't want to get stuck at the back again, so I attacked just before the last corner to try and spread it out a bit. Nishizono-san and Nakamura-san were on my wheel, and after Nakamura-san attacked I followed Nishizono-san's wheel but couldn't come around him. Probably due to the fatigue from my solo break I eventually lost his wheel in the last couple hundred meters, but I was still able to finish without any trouble. After a short cool-down spin everyone regrouped and we headed back.

When I woke up this morning I felt heavy and very tired, and that feeling didn't change once we started riding. On the way out to the course I wanted to quit and go back, but I figured that, even if I couldn't ride hard, just getting out and spinning would still be good for me. Before starting the first race interval I started feeling a little better, but still pretty fatigued. After that I just rode as hard as I could and didn't worry about my condition any more. I was able to ride all right, but again I'm disappointed that I couldn't enjoy better fitness during this camp.

Now that I'm headed home, I need to carefully consider my training plan over the next couple weeks. With two races coming up I'd like to keep working on intervals and speed, but I also need to take some good rest to try and recover from my current condition.

Thanks to Mr. Takayuki Kakinoki and Mr. Katsuyuki Kakinoki for their expertise and support over the last three days. I'm sorry I couldn't show them my better condition. Also, thanks to their family for their generosity and the good food. Finally, thanks to all my teammates for making this a fun and memorable trip.

2:13, 73 km