UTokyo bicycle racing team

Nalsima ride with Arita-san and Higashi-san. Like last time, we went out to Kobu Tunnel and over to Uenohara, then back on Route 20. My legs felt heavy and slow in the morning, and didn't really warm up until we were on the Hinohara-kaido. I started the climb up to Kobu Tunnel at an easy pace, but slowly increased my effort on the way up. On the way down to Uenohara I put in some speed work, and then after the break I rolled back at a fast pace with Arita-san and Higashi-san. I felt all right going over Otarumi, but overall I'm a little worried about the fatigue I feel in my legs. Hopefully I can manage my condition and get well in time for this weekend. We did manage to average 32.3 km/hr, though. Thank you to the Nalsima riders for letting us join their ride.

2:53, 94 km