UTokyo bicycle racing team

Just a quick report on yesterday's race. Myself, Takagi-san, and Higashi-san showed up for the 1+2 race, and Miyazaki was our lone class 3 rider. Conditions were actually pretty decent - no wind or rain, but it was quite cold. The number of participants in the 1+2 race, though, was only 10 or 11 riders.

I had no idea what my condition would be like since, due to rain/snow/conference, I hadn't ridden in five days. But I decided just to enjoy the race and do what I could. On the first lap Takagi-san and Higashi-san set me up for the sprint, but I went from way too far out. Guess I forgot how long the finishing straight was. I managed to take the first sprint anyways, but Kato from Juntendo was right on my wheel, and he attacked me right after the finish line and that was that. I tried to bridge up to him on the second lap, but I just couldn't seem to get the speed out of my legs. Eventually I drifted back to the group. At that time I felt awful - definitely went too hard on that first sprint - and could barely hang in with the group. But for some reason, I could still sprint all right, so I just kept going for the sprint points. Eventually I felt better so I did a few pulls on the front and tried to work with Takagi-san and Higashi-san. Except for the Juntendo rider getting away right at the beginning, things went all right. I got enough points for second and Higashi-san got third, even though he just got back from a long training camp.

Anyways, better get back to training. It's almost time for the new season!

Todai taking second, third, and fourth in the sprint