UTokyo bicycle racing team

Time trail practice on the Koshu-kaido.
First run, Uenohara towards Sasago Pass, 30 km, 50 min.
The first 20 km were mostly rolling, with the last 10 km mostly gradual climbing. I got stuck at a few stoplights, but it was mostly clear. For the first part I was able to keep the pace high, but over the last few kilometers the fatigue in my legs caught up to me, particularly on the climbs, and I didn't finish very strong.
Second run, bottom of Sasago Pass to Uenohara, 30 km, 44 min.
After a 15 minute rest I started the second run. Obviously it helped that the first part was downhill, but there was a solid headwind which made it tough to keep the speed up. Again, I started to fade in the last few kilometers due to fatigue, and my finishing speed was too low.
Overall, today was a good chance to work on my TT speed and form. I think I've gotten my aero bars set up how I like, so now I just have to spend some time riding with them to get my body used to that position.

3:43, 117 km