UTokyo bicycle racing team


古居と筋トレ。ベンチと背筋 こまバックの可能性が出てきたので、来年の新入生に筋トレで圧倒的な力を見せ付けるために頑張ります

Takao to Komaba in the morning, then Komaba to Takao in the evening.3:18, 98 km

午後、多摩川流し。50?。 とりあえずすごい弱ってるのはわかった。

Today I was bad at managing the experiments, and it took until 10 p.m. to finish all... After coming back home, I made two solia at low cadence, 5min 6th 75rpm x 2. I imitated 56-san. I did neither listen to musics nor watch videos but lis…