UTokyo bicycle racing team

With the hill climb next weekend and road races in the future I decided that I should start focusing a bit on my climbing ability. Today I headed over Otarumi to the Sagamiko area and spent the day on a climbing workout.
Course 1: Wada Pass (Sagamiko side), 6 km, 3 times
Course 2: Kobu Tunnel (Uenohara side), 4.5 km, 3 times
For both courses, the first climb was at moderate pace, the second at moderate to hard pace, and the third time at hard pace. I didn't have any trouble the first three times on Wada Pass, but going over to Uenohara I felt a little dehydrated, so I took a conbini break and refueled before heading out for the second set. The second time up to Kobu Tunnel I started getting a little bit of a headache, and it got worse on the way back down. Even though I bought plenty of liquids I was still getting dehydrated, but it didn't affect my climbing effort and I felt better once I started the last climb. At the top I went all out to the finish, but after that my legs were done and I slowly limped the 35 kilometers home.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the workout. I met my goals, and did so in this ridiculously hot weather. Seriously, it was over 30C in the afternoon. Hopefully my body will adjust to the hotter weather and I will try to better manage my fluid intake so as to avoid dehydration in the future.

5:20, 128 km