UTokyo bicycle racing team

In these hottest days, we like to go to Tomin-no-mori. It is rather cooler than the lowlands.

Today, we had a guest, the strongest rider of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Andeu-san.

The pace was faster than that of the last weekend on the way from Itsukaichi to Kazahari pass. Michael pulled hard, as he wrote. Takagi-san looked tired to keep the pace at the early stage of this climbing. I couldn't see their fatigue or pain from the pedaling of Ishikawa-san and Andeu-san. I carefully planned to beat Andeu-san. The plan was,
1. Some short attacks when it was 3~4 km to go to Tomin-no-mori. I expected Andew-san would cover me hard and would pass me at his over pace.
2. I would follow him by the short gap and would wait for his dropping pace for fatigue.
3. I would catch him and beat him by my true attack.

1 and 2 were perfect. Only Andeu-san and I could survive my short attacks. However, his pace was too fast just before Tomin-no-mori. I lost him and despaired a bit. I made my best effort with a lot of pain after Tomin-no-mori. When I got to the top of the pass... I couldn't find him. He mistook the goal point.

The high-speed descending the pass was a lot of fun. I worked with Michael very hard. We felt the sticky air.

Anyway, it was too hot.....