UTokyo bicycle racing team

Almost exactly the same as last Saturday, except the members were a little different. 0730 at Koremasa, then up the Tama River to Itsukaichi and then out to Tomin-no-mori.

I don't know why, but I was really feeling the heat today. I was definitely pulling too hard heading out to Tomin-no-mori, but I shouldn't have been feeling as bad as I was. In any case, I soon popped off the group about 4 kilometers out from Tomin-no-mori. The following ~7 kilometers up to the top (before turning around and descending the 3 km back to Tomin-no-mori) were extremely painful and slow.

The short rest at Tomin-no-mori was good for me, as I felt a little better on the way back. We were rolling pretty fast when Nishizono-san launched an attack. I covered and then pulled through up a short climb, and when I looked back we had a huge gap. From there, we alternated 1-minute pulls all the way back to Itsukaichi, about 20 to 25 kilometers at around 40 - 50 km/hr. Even though it was 1 minute on, 1 minute off, the pulls in the wind kept feeling longer and longer and the rest shorter and shorter. Right before the end I attacked, just for the fun of it and to see how much I still had in my legs.

4:40, 133 km