UTokyo bicycle racing team

Saitama Criterium March Round
Result: 2nd (in Class 1+2)
Considering the entry list, the race had seemed to be controlled by Juntendo Univ. but, thanks to(?)the bad weather, they lost their interest for the race.
Actually, the condition was not so bad. It rained fewer than I had anticipated, didn't snow(it was forecast), no blast and everyone slow down at the corners for fear of crashes.
Cuz I couldn't catch my pedal smoothly, I started from almost last end of the peloton. It reminded me of my nightmare in the Jingu Criterium.
I noticed that the peloton began to collapse especially in the front end so I harried. Luckily, I was able to raise my position in the peloton without much difficulty because of the slow pace of the peloton.
Contrary to my expectation, I could even get some points at the 1st sprint point.
After that, I tried to speed up and escape from the peloton with some members. The trial had succeed in some laps with some change of members.
Finally, escaping was consisted of 3. It went generally smooth.
Cuz I'm not confident about my sprint, I wanted others to be exhausted before final session and wanted to become alone. However, we could go slowly since no one chased us. I couldn't take any effective measures until last 1 lap. And stupidly, in a bind I decided to start long-sprint from back-straight, it became just a long lead out. I wonder why I did such a thing.
I have few patterns to win especially in criteriums. I would like to continue to raise my max-power and LT-power simultaneously and have more patterns to win.
I will go back to Sapporo tomorrow, for a week. I can't ride because of snows but would maintain my body by using an ergometer for rowing.