UTokyo bicycle racing team

大磯クリテリウム ミディアムクラス 20位
試合勘を取り戻すためにエントリー。色々と直前で機材上のトラブルがあったが、競技班のスポンサー様であるGS ASTUTOのTim Smith様にメンテ及び機材を貸与していただき、良い状態でレースにのぞめました。心より御礼を申し上げます。

さて、今回特にご尽力くださったTim Smith様にも楽しんでもらいたいなと思い、簡単ではあるものの、お礼とレースレポートを英語でも書いてみました。思いつくままに書いてあまりチェックは出来ていないので、きれいな英語ではありませんが。

Ohiso criterium 1st round
25th of November(Sun)
I competed in the Medium Class.
Result was 20th place of 40 riders.

First, Huge thanks to Mr.Tim Smith, the wonderful owner of GS ASTUTO. Thanks to his wonderful support and servicing, I could race without any fear. Talking about equipment, I borrowed and used ASTUTO Competition 35mm hight carbon tubular wheelset. This wheelset is like magical shoes. So smooth at straight and stiff enough at corner. This is the best wheelset for racing. Next time I will be on the podium with this wheelset.

I really enjoyed a race, but found a lot to improve. One of them is the wrong decision. I marked the famous strong guy, who is a kind of slow-starter. So I placed in the back of peloton, but the bunch was spread because of a few crashes. That means race is over, especially at criterium.

However, I found a lot of merits of myself. Cornering was not so bad, and the strength is enough to pull hard the weak-kneed groupett.

Anyway,I will win the next race.