UTokyo bicycle racing team

It started snowing here a few days ago, and the temperature has dropped pretty low (around -15C with wind chill). So this morning I ran 30 minutes on a treadmill for some cross-training. Later, though, it stopped snowing and I decided to try and go for a ride. After putting on several layers of clothing, multiple gloves, and heavy shoe covers I was ready to go. The paved roads were pretty slick, but once I got on the gravel road behind my parents' house it was actually pretty good riding. There were a few sections with deep (10-30cm) snow banks, but I could just power through them, and the rest of the road was mostly snow-free thanks to the wind. I rode along the gravel road for a while, then turned south and climbed up through a gully on another gravel road. On this climb it was tough to keep going unless I rode in the gravel areas off to the side, because the snow would pack up into the mountain bike tires pretty quick and then I couldn't get any traction. After climbing for a ways the road leveled out and I reached a section where the snow was so thick I couldn't ride through it, so I hopped off and pushed for a hundred meters or so until I could get back on. I rode across the flat section for a ways, but it was starting to get dark so I turned around at the start of the next climb.
The ride back down was surprisingly easy even though it was slick, and I made it back to the bottom without any trouble. Unfortunately, it was then that I noticed my front tire was going flat. I started riding hard back along the gravel road towards home, but soon the tire was too flat to ride, so I had to push/carry the bike while I ran the last kilometer or two home. Total ride time was about 1:15.