UTokyo bicycle racing team

It was already hot at Koremasa bridge.
We took Tamagawa-road to Mutsugi bridge.
Then Mutsugibashi-dori high speed training started.
Nishizono rode at top of the group all the way to MiniStop.
This traing today was shorter than last year.
Maybe MiniStop is moving to the east.

Today, two 1nensei together, so we rode at law pace on Hinohara-kaido.
Before the gate, there was only 3 peaple.
Takagi-san, Nishizono, and me ... It's not good for me.
Takagi-san, I think he was not in good condition, attacked.
I gave up soon. For some minutes, I can see takagi-san in the front.
I might caught up with him.

But it was too hot. The enemy today was this terrible weather.
Three bottles were empty at the top.
Apple juice after the climb was delicious.

Down hill part, I rode with Moriizumi.
He got cramp in his legs. So I rode in fornt of him
all the way. He made a good job.

Je suis fatigue.
I somehow came home. I was too tired to sleep.

Writed in English for study.求む添削!